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One of my favourite workshops I attended as a doula so far was led by Well Mother Toronto (Justine Sipprell) which was about Postnatal Touch (see their page here) . We learned some amazing healing holds and touches that take inspiration from shiatsu massage (although this is not Shiatsu of course because of course you […]

pregnant woman feeling calm

Hi  Friends, I felt compelled to write to you all as these are crazy, crazy times in the world and I want to show up for you with some value, encouragement, and hope, because boy do I have hope.  I allowed myself in the last week to be consumed by news updates, partly because we […]

I was really struck by this. It is said in this book that mothers wanted daughters at this time in history because otherwise no one would hear or tell their stories, and they would in fact die with them. How have times changed now? Do we speak our stories out loud? Do our mothers? Do/did our grandmothers? Our aunts? Our friends> What do we know and don’t we know about their lives?