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Postpartum Needs – Part 1 Presence of Wise People and Spiritual Connection


This series was inspired by The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson, which I have been reading in the last little while. I am absolutely in awe of what she shares in this book and the conversation on health in postpartum that she brings forward.

So I wanted to bring to you something I heard in chopped up form before, but I never read so succinctly written as she did in this novel about the postpartum period and how we support recovery and wellness during that time.

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Postpartum Need: Presence of Wise People and Spiritual Companionship

Kimberly writes that in Hopi and Mayan traditions, unmarried and elder people with wombs in the community would take care of new parents.

In this way, there would be education, normalisation and sacred observation of these times in a person’s life. Elders may spread their wisdom down the lineage, and younger folks who have not entered these stages of their lives have a chance to observe and Learn.

For these reasons and more, the fourth universal postpartum need outlined in the Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Johnson is presence of wise people and spiritual companionship.

In many cultures around the world the postpartum period of healing and transitioning falls under the realm of traditionally female folks.

I want to make a note that the actual need listed was ‘presence of wise women and spiritual companionship’. Although I do resonate with that wording I don’t believe it may resonate with everyone, so I wanted to leave it open to speak to you and who your ‘wise people’ are.

Traditionally in many cultures this may be the realm of folks who identify as women, but I believe this sacred space can and is held by folks who identify in many different ways. The point is that they hold the space, wisdom, and care that a new parent thrives off of.

The new parent is surrounded by wise and caring people from their family and community who offer nourishment, care, guidance, teachings and ensure their needs and the household needs are taken care of so they can focus on healing.

I would go a step further to say that this need to be in
c o m m u n i t y
to learn from and with each other extends beyond the postpartum period and encompasses people with wombs at varying points in their life stages.

What about times of social distancing?

I know that times are unique right now and finding community and connection is quite difficult. And physical connection has been made almost impossible (other than with people you share a home with)

Because of what is happening right now I would not say community is helpful, but I would say is absolutely imperative. Whether you are a parent who is pregnant, or already postpartum, connecting with people who are at various points in the feminine journey is a l i f e l i n e

that is my true belief. In some cases you bring the teachings. In some cases you receive them.

There is healing in both.

Virtual Communities

There are many spaces opening up online where you can meet and connect. I will share just a few that I know of below

For starters, in the token of community, I created the Facebook group Sacred Spaces for Learning and my hope is for it to be a space for people with wombs at various points in their parenting or caregiving journey to come together to learn with and from each other.

Follow Link to my Group below:


Second, the Free Birth Society is hosting free Virtual Village Prenatal gatherings online via zoom every saturday, find the link below to register:


Third, a doula and business coach I know virtually, Nichole Joy, is putting renewed energy into her Empowered Moms group and doing lives with her members every members for extra support. Follow link below to join:


Fourth, and last, a few professionals from my local community in the Greater Toronto Area have come together to host virtual breastfeeding Cafe’s for parents, which is a great way to connect and get really great support on what can sometimes be a difficult journey feeding your little one postpartum. Follow link below to group:


I hope you find some great resources and community in the spaces shared above and I hope you will meet me back here next week Wednesday for the next postpartum need we will discuss!

Want one-on-one support talking through your postpartum plan (or birth plan)? Send me a message through my contact page here and we can set up a free initial consult call together! No pressure whatsoever to continue to work with me.

Be well friends.

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