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Postpartum Need- Rest

This is a time to rest.⁣
If there is ONE thing you plan for your postpartum⁣ recovery let it be support for rest.
It is no coincidence that many different, and geographically separated cultures around the world have a confinement period postpartum. ⁣
In India and Japan, a birthing person returns to the home of their mother where they can be taken care of and do not have to worry about completing household chores.⁣

In my home country Macedonia the first 40 days are considered a time of confinement where parent and baby stay close to home. ⁣

We all hear the comments: ⁣
Sleep when the baby sleeps.⁣
Rest over chores.⁣

Sleep deprivation is no joke & can be a big contributor to postpartum mood disorders. In my previous role as a social worker I supported new parents struggling with their mood postpartum and sleep was always a topic to discuss. I would tell clients, consider this your prescription medication from your social worker. You take the meds your provider gives you for your body, so this is for your heart and mind.⁣

This is one of the reasons we talk about postpartum planning earlier rather than later! When is the best time? Well, now is a GREAT time if you haven’t done it yet.⁣

And no coincidence- an extended rest period is one of the universal postpartum needs listed in The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson.

Talk to family and friends, the ones already offering to help. Ask them to commit to a few hours, one day a week each for 3-6 weeks after baby comes.⁣

Talk to your partner, will they be taking any time off work?⁣

Having a baby shower? Ask for hours with a postpartum doula.⁣

Have a neighbour with a dog? Ask if they can help with walking your dog for the first X weeks after baby are born!⁣

Some of these things you just don’t think about because hey, maybe you havn’t done this before, it’s hard to think of everything

If you need more support in this area, I am offering virtual support to help you develop your postpartum plan and support your wellness postpartum through social interaction, education, helping you adjust your plan as needed, finding more support, planning how to ask for support and more.

Send me an email here.

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