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Postpartum Needs- Part 2 Connection with Nature

I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put back in order.

John Burroughs

Postpartum is a time of
s l o w i n g d o w n
you may find the new pace difficult to adjust to, especially if you were in a fast paced life up until the end of your pregnancy with little time to transition between those lives.

I love that Kimberly writes in her book how we can turn to nature for the purpose of l e a r n i n g. In nature there is no sense of rushing, but more a sense of being.

Connecting with nature can be a great way to observe and model an unrushed pace. It also encourages time away from things that can overly stimulate us like too much screen time.

For many of us, we may not have practiced the art of resting, of accepting help with no conditions, no reciprocation needed before becoming pregnant and before having the baby even, and so the transition postpartum can be turbulent.

What skills do we need to call in for our postpartum period?

There are different skills and ways of being that are being asked of us during the postpartum period than in any other period of our lives. Some skills we can pull on during that time:

-slowing down physically and mentally

-asking for help (without feeling like you need to reciprocate)

-delegating tasks/chores

-flexibility of expectations, routines and schedules

What does connection to nature look like?

I know when you first read this it could sound like just another thing to add to a to-do list, and what we are discussing here is the exact opposite to that!

Connection to nature could mean going for a walk in a green area near your home, but it could also mean sitting in your backyard.

Sitting and nursing by a window, enjoying a fresh herbal tea, opening a window for a short while and letting some fresh wind in.

Small gestures, big impact.

This is in fact YOUR postpartum so you can take a general universal need, and make it your own.

It sounds strange to say, but in many ways, in the modern society we live in, we need to l e a r n how to rest and we need to l e a r n how to transition into our postpartum period.

As a virtual postpartum doula I offer this support and I offer these conversations. No point is too late to start considering how you can bring nourishment and healing into your postpartum period (still pregnant? one month postpartum? 1 year postpartum? It’s not too late!)

Contact me, let’s chat!

Share below how you have been able to incorporate connection with nature to your postpartum healing?

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