How shall we work together!? Choose the package that best suits your needs. Or, just contact me directly and let's see if we can create something that suits your needs 🙂 I so look forward to working with you in any and all capacities !

Local Doula Packages

Birth doula package

Accepting local clients in: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

2 prenatal Doula visits with you and any support person
Informational support from the time the contract is signed through text, email or phone, until 2 weeks postpartum
On-call support from 38 weeks gestation until the birth
Full attendance at your birth (by myself or backup doula as discussed) for up to 1-2 hours after birth

Virtual Doula Packages

Virtual Holistic Birth Support

1 initial intake session: with pregnant person and a partner or other support person who will be with you at your birth(1 hour long each)
3 sessions after the intake where we will delve deeper into your beliefs about birth, go through information regarding birth and postpartum, help you develop your birth plan, discuss comfort measures (1 hour each)
2 postpartum sessions where we have a chance to debrief the birth and discuss your postpartum transitions and discuss postpartum healing
informational support from time of signing contract until 2 weeks postpartum via zoom (if more explanation is needed) WhattsApp and email
. . . . . .
sessions will all happen through zoom

Virtual Fourth Trimester Transitions

1 Intake session lasting 1 hour occuring after 36 weeks, but before babies arrival
6 postpartum sessions scheduled on a biweekly basis lasting one hour (we can adjust the frequency if needed based on our discussions in our intake session)
a chance to debrief the birth, discuss strategies for transitioning home with baby, changes in your body, healing, changes to relationships, adjusting to change in identity
support for your emotional and mental wellbeing, help connecting to local services
A listening ear. Sometimes new parents just need someone to talk to, social interactions are one protective factor against postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. This package is also meant to offer new parents this component as well, and the fact that it is virtual makes it more accessible.
informational support from the signing of the contract until the end of the contract
sessions will all happen through zoom