Virtual Services

I am building my business around virtual doula and coach support so that I can serve YOU better. From anywhere. Take a virtual walk through below to see which packages I offer, and do not hesitate to contact me if you want something that you don't see- perhaps we can create a package that best suits YOU.

Why pick a virtual doula? There are many reasons that you may want to work with a virtual doula and coach in preparation for your birth and postpartum

  • you feel particularly aligned with the energy, vibe, offerings and teachings of a particular doula that is not local to you
  • making it to appointments outside your home is difficult (or impossible)
  • flexibility in packages and availability + access
  • you want to focus more on your mindset, intuition and beliefs around pregnancy, birth and parenting and therefore want more prenatal sessions

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What does virtual doula work look like?

We will first connect through video chat to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. From there, we will cover many topics related to your birth and postpartum process- from physical to mental to spiritual! Our sessions will happen through video chat, or through voice call if preferred for some of the sessions. You can even have your partner or other support people join in for some sessions.


Virtual Holistic Birth Support

1 initial intake session: with pregnant person and a partner or other support person who will be with you at your birth(1 hour long each)
3 sessions after the intake where we will delve deeper into your beliefs about birth, go through information regarding birth and postpartum, help you develop your birth plan, discuss comfort measures (1 hour each session)
2 postpartum sessions where we have a chance to debrief the birth and discuss your postpartum transitions and discuss postpartum healing
informational support from time of signing contract until 2 weeks postpartum via zoom (if more explanation is needed) WhattsApp and email
On call for your birth from 38 weeks gestation onwards. I will be present for your birth through audio or video for as long as you want/throughout the whole birth if desired.
sessions will all happen through a video conferencing app



Virtual Fourth Trimester Transitions

1 Intake session lasting 1 hour occurring after 36 weeks, but before babies arrival We will cover your postpartum plan
3 weekly scheduled virtual calls that you can take live or use as on-call in case you have specific questions or issues come up (vary in length depending on your need)
a chance to debrief the birth, discuss strategies for transitioning home with baby, changes in your body, healing, changes to relationships, adjusting to change in identity
support for your emotional and mental wellbeing, help connecting to local services
contract can be as short as one week, if what you are looking for is some support in the immediate postpartum
informational support from the signing of the contract until the end of the contract
sessions will all happen through a video conferencing app

Comfort Measures Workshop

2 hour workshop for you and your support person going over various comfort measures and labour positions. Trouble shoot some questions or concerns you have regarding birth and immediate postpartum.
You will have worksheets to go back to if needed. I am also adding a complimentary followup call after the initial call if there is more information I need to give you or if you have more questions.