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This is a time to rest.⁣If there is ONE thing you plan for your postpartum⁣ recovery let it be support for rest.It is no coincidence that many different, and geographically separated cultures around the world have a confinement period postpartum. ⁣In India and Japan, a birthing person returns to the home of their mother where […]

One of my favourite workshops I attended as a doula so far was led by Well Mother Toronto (Justine Sipprell) which was about Postnatal Touch (see their page here) . We learned some amazing healing holds and touches that take inspiration from shiatsu massage (although this is not Shiatsu of course because of course you […]

I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put back in order. John Burroughs Postpartum is a time ofs l o w i n g d o w nyou may find the new pace difficult to adjust to, especially if you were in a fast paced life up until the end […]

Inspiration This series was inspired by The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson, which I have been reading in the last little while. I am absolutely in awe of what she shares in this book and the conversation on health in postpartum that she brings forward. So I wanted to bring to you something I […]

Hello friend, yes, I want to speak directly to you right now, as an individual, stop here with me for a second. Set your phone down, set the screen down, get your feet on the floor, feel the earth grounding you. Close your eyes and take one large breath in, did you feel your belly […]

pregnant woman feeling calm

Hi  Friends, I felt compelled to write to you all as these are crazy, crazy times in the world and I want to show up for you with some value, encouragement, and hope, because boy do I have hope.  I allowed myself in the last week to be consumed by news updates, partly because we […]

birth and postpartum doula sits on bench showing each other support

Choosing who to have with you during your labour and birth is a big and sometimes stressful decision to make, and even more so finding the best birth doula for your specific self. This may be even more crucial when there are family or friends who want to be there who you may feel are […]

In my last post I discussed the idea of community and this idea of stories and wisdom being passed down between family and community members. In this post I want to talk about how this, to me, ties back to birth and postpartum doula work. In my personal journey, my arrival at this line of […]

I was really struck by this. It is said in this book that mothers wanted daughters at this time in history because otherwise no one would hear or tell their stories, and they would in fact die with them. How have times changed now? Do we speak our stories out loud? Do our mothers? Do/did our grandmothers? Our aunts? Our friends> What do we know and don’t we know about their lives?