Birth Worker Support

Good work requires constant reflection and reintegration. And wellness, health, and job and life satisfaction also require it. I want to offer this space for birth workers, physicians, doulas, midwives, nurses, students, or whoever it is, to debrief on their practice and hopefully leave feeling heard, valued and supported.

Why would you as a birth worker need to seek support?

I came into the birth world from the lens of social work and what I saw was highly emotionally, mentally and spiritually risky situations. Lack of organisational support (majority of doulas work in a solo business). No systematic support to debrief and integrate new experiences.

How would having someone to talk to help you?

  • you who often do the listening, can be listened to
  • debrief cases, integrate information, develop improved practices moving forward or solidify practices that have proven to work well
  • help identifying triggers, signs of wellness and signs of deterioration of health
  • accountability for maintaining wellness practices

Your initial consultation is free!


birth worker support

one-on-one supervision sessions lasting 50 minutes each.
Debrief difficult cases, process your own responses and emotional reactions to situations, discuss your own beliefs about pregnancy, birth and postpartum and business and how they are impacting your work.
Session frequency can be decided in collaboration.
Meetings happen virtually through zoom.
currently the fees after your initial consult, which is free, will be PAY WHAT YOU CAN