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Hi Friends!

Aleks here, and first off, thank you for visiting my page and showing interest in getting to know me more <3

I am so excited to be serving my community in the way that I am now. I started my career in supporting families in the perinatal period as a social worker in a hospital prenatal clinic. This role provided me with some of the best experiences I could have possibly had in this field, it helped solidify for me that I am meant to be working within the world of transitioning to pregnancy, birth and parenting. and it led me to the independent work that I do now.

There were two areas that I identified as a support gap for me when I was working solely as a social worker. Those were supporting families in the weeks, months or years leading up to the decision to have a baby and in the birth room.


As I gained experience working with families in the antepartum and the postpartum period, I was tallying up countless reasons as to why I needed to find a way to widen my spectrum in terms of how I supported the healthy transitions and creation of family units.


In the meantime I also felt myself in the winds of transition, and even though my partner and I were not planning to have a child for a few years, I felt an internal pull to get my whole life slowly aligned with the type of family we wanted to nourish and the types of parents we hoped to be.

This made me realize that if I am thinking like this, then others must be too. And many may not be, and I know why, it is because our system is not set up for us to think about the health of ourselves, relationships and overall life until the pregnancy test says positive.

I now get to meet families in pregnancy and learn about their journey so far, their wishes for their birth, their fears- and we get to work throughout pregnancy to get them mentally in a place where they can create the experience they want. By this I mean their internal state, their emotional and mental wellness and their ability to cope with and feel good about how they treated themselves throughout the process of pregnancy and childbirth, and how they stepped into their power.

As I grow into a person living a healthy and empowered life myself, I also grow in the desire to support others in showing up in this way in their reproductive journey. And who knows, you may be exactly who I am looking for, and I may be exactly who you are looking for 🙂


Let's talk more! Sign up for a free consultation session here, no pressure to sign up for my services, I am always happy to help direct you in another direction that may be more suitable for you if you or I find that I am not the best match.

My most current adventure?

My partner and I decided to explore the world and to leave the hustle and bustle life of the west while we build our businesses and further explore our own passions. We have been living in the Costa Rica for the past few months, and cannot wait to see more of the world once things get back to normal.

Canada will always be our home, but we also believe that there is a home for us somewhere warmer, and a little closer to the ocean for us, a little more barefoot, forest and quiet...and we are determined to find it!

And that is the physical and emotional platform that I am coming to you from, to support you, virtually (and in person, if our paths align).

Enjoy some photos below, of some of the beauty I had the pleasure of witnessing in the last few months.

Welcome to my life, and I am so grateful to now be in yours.

Let's hang out on the gram!