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humble beginnings
Hi friends
My name is Aleksandra and I am the owner of bloom families. Thanks for visiting my page, and getting to know me and my journey,it’s been a hectic ride in the last 2 years!
Never did I think that life would bring me to birth work. I started out thinking I just wanted to be a social worker and “help people”.
Whatever that means, right ?

I have a belief that when you are in alignment and you are listening to your soul and to the universe, you are brought to the places and experiences you need. And that is exactly what happened.
The last two years I worked as a perinatal social worker in a downtown Toronto hospital prenatal clinic. Oh my, the journey that was! That is where my passion for working with families throughout various stages of the reproductive experience began.
During that time, I was on my own personal journey into the world of natural living and developing empowerment in my own choices for my health and wellness. A time came where I felt like my skills and support were really needed out in the community and it was needed in a different way than the way I was currently providing it.
That is when I fell into doula work, and the rest is history as they say!
life as a doula


At first I really did not know where this realization would take me, how could I work in a way that felt “right”? I was guided towards doing something that I did not yet have a name for. And that is when I heard this word “doula”, and started my training. In the past year I have enjoyed working with families in a new way and it has solidified that this is the path for me.
I now get to meet families in pregnancy and learn about their journey so far, their wishes for their birth, their fears- and we get to work throughout pregnancy to get them mentally in a place where they can create the experience they want. I want to note that by saying I support families in getting the experience they want I don’t mean the details of how their birth went, interventions etc. I mean their internal state, their emotional and mental wellness and their ability to cope with and feel good about how they treated themselves throughout the process.
Of course, we also discuss the specifics of what happens during birth and what their wishes are, as that is also a piece of the puzzle.
our work together


As I grow in this area of healthy and empowered living myself, I also grow in the desire to support others in their reproductive journey.
The beliefs, fears, worries, excitement, joy, power- and everything else that our experience has brought us is something that we carry with us in our pregnancy, the birthing space and parenting. Having a chance to identify these feelings, work them out, change them where possible, will also show up in your pregnancy and postpartum and parenting.
This is what I hope will lead to a more empowered experience for you, and healthier parent and family transitions.
My journey has not taken me in an even more exciting adventure, as I am living in various spots abroad with my partner and offering virtual services in preparation for birth and postpartum to my clients, as well as meeting local birth keepers and clients in the places I live. I am sharing my journey through my blogs and my social media pages, so I hope to see you there!
You will find that my genuine passion, authenticity and varied skill set will be a good match for what you are seeking in your reproductive journey, virtually or in person.

Shoot me a message from the contact page and let’s chat! I want to be here to support you.