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4 Tips to Maintain Your Wellbeing During COVID-19

Hi  Friends,

I felt compelled to write to you all as these are crazy, crazy times in the world and I want to show up for you with some value, encouragement, and hope, because boy do I have hope. 

I allowed myself in the last week to be consumed by news updates, partly because we needed to know what was happening since we are abroad and need to make informed decisions about our next moves. And partly because it was impossible.to.look.away.

Came to Serve

The dust has settled in my soul this week, we are housed, safe, and we are isolating for the next two weeks at least, possibly more. I feel a peace inside me in knowing those basic needs are taken care of.

It is not easy being a pregnant human or a newly postpartum (or not newly postpartum) human at this time. In an already uncertain, ever changing, emotional roller coaster time- you are met with more uncertainty and perpetual changes in life as we know it.

Creating Peace During the Chaos

I want to talk about some ways that you can create a pregnancy or postpartum cocoon for yourself during this time. The world is going through its transitional time right not, bur birth and babies stop for noone. This is a time to protect your mind, body and soul.

So, let’s get right into it!

Starting with, nothing new, the obvious….

1. Stay inside whenever possible, wash your hands, eat your nutrients!

Now, I say stay inside because of the fact that almost the whole world, if not the whole world, is recommending folks do their part and socially distance themselves and keep good hygiene when out so as to avoid spreading any germs. That’s maybe one you expected. But I also say to stay inside because as the world around us is shaking up, on an individual level, your world is your mind, body and soul. Staying inside helps you maintain some control on your thoughts and feelings because you are not being bombarded by the vibration of the world right now. You get to decide what your inner world will be, how your home will look and feel and what you will focus on. Never underestimate how finding peace within you, will benefit you and your immune system!

And of course eat your nutrients and healthy foods to keep your immune system in as good a state as possible. Move your body even if that means jogging in place, walking around the apartment, or lifting some weights in your home gym.

2. Limit Your News Intake

I think this one is huge because we are all overloaded right now with news updates. Some are valid and helpful. And some (most) are not. Here are some tips to setting boundaries around news intake:

  • Give yourself a fifteen minute timeframe where you can watch your most liked, most reliable news station and stick to just that in your day. 
  • Unfollow any COVID-19 specific groups or people on your social media. Mute people on your social media. Or don’t go on it if you don’t have to. 
  • Have a partner, friend or family member scope out the news for you and update you on any information you need to know (any new closures happening in your hometown, safety precautions to take…like the most basic, critical info…nothing more).

The news media is building up fear right now and it will do wonders for your internal state for you to take back your control by controlling what information you choose to consume.

2. The Show Must Go On

If you feel like nesting, nest, if you feel like finishing that pregnancy book, childbirth education course, baby’s nursery…do it! The show must go on! Try to maintain as normal a schedule for yourself as possible. And don’t forget that postpartum plan! Those meals you packed in the freezer (if you haven’t yet and you are pregnant – this is your reminder to plan how you will get your meals once the baby comes)! Those self-care strategies you were maintaining. Don’t forget you are newly postpartum, and rest, nutrition, connection and nature are part of your universal needs. Many things have changed, but many things have not. Open a window to get fresh air. Sit by a window to catch some sunlight. Go for a walk in an uncrowded street. Life must go on and so must your pregnancy, birth, postpartum and life with the baby!

4. Maintain community

The clouds have passed in my mind and now I choose to focus on the beauty that is cropping up in the world. So many Community gatherings are becoming virtual and I find it so beautiful how people are coming together to build and maintain community and support each other. Online communities are actually a great support for people in their postpartum period, I would not say they are to be used in place of in person gatherings, but as an adjunct. They are accessible, time friendly, baby and breastfeeding friendly and you can come looking however you want (this one doesn’t really matter, show up however you want anywhere, but you know what I mean!). My point is: stay connected in a space that makes you feel good. It will help you, your baby, and your immune system.

Be Well!

So friends, those are the 4 major tips I think will help you survive your pregnancy and postpartum period during these crazy unique times in our world. Stay safe, and stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

Do you have tips to add to the list!? What is helping you get through this time? Share it on instagram and tag us @bloom.families.doula!



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