Aleksandra Petkovska

The Travelling Doula
Helping you achieve a happy, whole life setting you up for happy, whole parenting.

Working With Me

I work with families as a virtual doula and coach to help them prepare their heart and mind for the birth they want.

I was not a person who heard many stories about birth growing up, and those I did were not necessarily positive. This shaped my beliefs and I have been working hard to shift my mindset about birth, pregnancy, parenting and major life transitions in general. Information is important, and I bring that, but so is heart, I want you to have the best of both!

about me

My journey has taken me to many unique places in the last 2 years, I tell people close to me that I don't need to be knocked over the head with a lesson too many times before listening and taking action.

So in this time I started my journey as a doula after working as a perinatal social worker for 2 years, and then my partner and I left Canada to travel the world and create community online and locally to amazing destinations around the world.

Now I want to serve YOU to help you align your heart (stories + beliefs) with your mind (information + education) to birth the way you want.

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My business is evolving and growing alongside my own personal journey, and that gets me so excited because I get to develop new ways to serve you!

I am currently offering almost exclusively virtual support with some exceptions for in person support depending on where I am currently located. Do not hesitate to contact me no matter where you are in your parenting journey because there still may be opportunity for us to work together. My purpose is to help families thrives, and for that the point of intervention can happen pre-conception, or even after baby has arrived!

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birth workers

I came into the birth world as a social worker and through that lens I saw the gap of support for birth workers in terms of their emotional and mental health.

Upon researching more I found evidence for what many of us observe in this community and that is high burnout rates and distress related to the work. Being an entrepreneur on top of that can make this work feel extremely isolating. Birth workers need help processing difficult births and outcomes as well as the families experiencing them. I offer one-on-one support as well as a free facebook community of support where we hold virtual support groups for birth workers.

Find the group here.

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